Painting All

Pictogram Paintings

The Pictogram series extracts advertising iconography from cities around the world (New York, Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul, Lisbon, and Athens) to create a syntax of graphic signs, subverting their original messages by recomposing the designs in opposition. Pictograms are the foundation of written language, generating meaning without words to provoke our subconscious emotions.

These works find new narratives within branding by placing pictures in violation of their intended reading to reveal the syntactics of vectorized messaging. The paintings implement digital inkjet printing combined with traditional painting techniques, weaving intricate layers of stenciled paint on the printed canvas, contrasting thickly painted graphics with soft digital brushstrokes.

Sindicado [Bilbao] (2022)
Oil, acrylic, and inkjet on canvas
54″ x 62.5″
指差し [Tokyo] (2021)
Oil, acrylic, and inkjet on canvas
21″ x 23″
犬 [Tokyo] (2022)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
40" x 50"
Bricolage [Paris] (2021)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
48" x 50"
Bricolage [Paris] (2021)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
48" x 50"
Innerhalb der kiste [Berlin] (2019)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
21" x 19"
Pide Adam [Istanbul] (2021)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
21.5" x 23"
ニャー [Toyko] (2022)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
ニャー [Toyko] (2022)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
εργαλεία [Athens] (2019)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
20" x 30"
Cheetah Chase [New York] (2021)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
56" x 42.5"
προσοχή στο σκύλο  [Athens] (2019)
Oil and inkjet on canvas 
24" x 18"
Jekyl Island [New York] (2022)
Oil and inkjet on canvas
Unicorn Tear / Environmental Autopsy [New York] (2018)
Oil and inkjet on canvas in wood frames
18" x 24" (2)

    Black Mirrors

    The Black Mirror series draws inspiration from the streets of New York, depicting candid abstractions, produced by the city’s collective consciousness. The works are derived from black on black compositions across walls, created incidentally after graffiti is removed, resulting in unintentional abstract  gestures, lacking authorship.

    The works are created by sandblasting and chemically etching black mirror and glass, while simultaneously painting on the back and front of the quartz, emulating the layers found in the street.  The glass is stenciled with  paint, chemicals, and resin to build an artwork memorializing the forgotten details of the street. The zeitgeist produces these candid compositions, but they are largely overlooked as the city continues to hustle by. Our screens often distract us from perceiving the beautiful details of reality that are in front of us.  

    The series considers sentiment from DaVinci, who encouraged his students to find and paint the most cracked and decrepit walls in Florence, explaining:

    “Don’t underestimate this idea of mine, which calls to mind that it would not be too much of an effort to pause sometimes to look into these stains on walls,  the ashes from the fire,  the clouds,  the mud, or other similar places.  If these are well contemplated, you will find fantastic inventions that awaken the genius of the painter to new inventions… These will do you well because they will awaken genius with this jumble of things.”

    The Black Mirror series presents the unsightly as beautiful, reflecting the viewer to reveal our disassociation from reality caused by  our digital devices.

    Broadway (2018)
    Sandblasted black mirror, oil,  resin, MDF
    38th Street (2017)
    Chemically etched black mirror
    11.5" x 23"
    Allen (2018)
    Sandblasted glass, spray-paint, MDF, resin
    16.5"  x  17"
    Delancey (2018)
    Sandblasted glass, spray-paint, MDF, enamel
    19.5 " x 17"
    East 7th Sreet (2018)
    Sandblasted glass, spray paint, ink on pine frame
    10.5" x 26"
    Hester (2018)
    Sandblasted glass,  spray paint, wood, gold leaf
    8" x 7"
    Vanderbilt (2018)
    Sandblasted glass, MDF,  spray paint, oil
    25" x 20"
    East 6th Street (2018)
    Sandblasted glass, MDF,  spray paint
    11" x 13"
    Crosby (2018)
    Sandblasted glass, MDF,  spray paint, oil
    20" x 14"